I’ve built a new pond filter

Well, I’ve completed the new pond filter from the instructions at tadege.com.  It is fantastic!  While I was building it, and tweaking the instructions, to fit my idea of perfection, my pond’s water was typical spring pea soup.  You couldn’t see the bottom, and could barely make out the fish, just under the surface.  It doesn’t do much good to circulate soup, so I shut off the pump a couple days beforehand.


I know it isn’t much to look at…yet.  I plan on burying it at the top of the waterfall and reconstructing a new waterfall around it, as money allows.  Right now it just dumps into my old waterfall where it leaks the least.  The transformation is incredible in just 1 week.  The water is crystal clear, you can see everything the shop-vac missed, and the fish are much happier with the water quality.2012-03-27_13-11-49_761


Although this isn’t a very good picture of my fish, at least you can see them.  the small bucket in the lower left corner is my first attempt at building a filter out of a small drywall bucket, a soda bottle, a couple of pvc fittings, and some pea gravel.  It worked great with my 900 gph pump in my 150 gallon preformed pond, but is sadly lacking in this pond’s 3000 gallon capacity.  Lol, imagine that!

The weather here has been fantastic.  70’s during the day, 50’s at night.  Perfect!  We had a little rain last week, and I had a bit of a temper tantrum when I found both of my digital cameras were broken by kids.  I was about to have a total meltdown when a coworker upgraded his phone to an iphone and gave me his Droid2.  I couldn’t be happier now, I have a decent camera and it’s in my shirt pocket all the time.  1332871901885As you can see, the Waterlilies are waking up nicely.  This evening there were even a few pads on the surface.  It was too chilly to be hanging out by the pond in shorts, so I opted out of taking a pic.


This picture is the inside of the filter.  The outlet to the pond is in the upper left, the inlet from the pump in in the upper right, and the cleaning drain is in the lower right.  The upper center pipe is the air manifold, I haven’t tested that particular apparatus, as of yet.  I tried to do it, but my air compressor’s motor decided to crap out.  Now I have to borrow one from work to try it out this weekend.  If it’s cool, I’ll shoot a video and post it.  Hopefully, being that friday is payday, I’ll be able to buy some paint to camouflage the pvc pipes, so they aren’t quite so visible.


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