Wow, what a beautiful day

Well, here it is, the 6th of March in Iowa and still haven’t seen a below zero day.  The 3 inches of snow that fell sunday is GONE!  It got to 70 degrees today, and although the wind was ferocious, it was still nice out. 

I work in building maintenance for a property management company and spent my day patching drywall from the drunken revels of Iowa State University students.  It isn’t glamorous work, but I love it nonetheless.  It also allows me to throw ideas at art majors and get feedback, of sorts.  Some of my ideas are taken as ramblings of a dirty, old man.  Go figure.  Other people take them seriously and, in the case of a few of my outdoor projects, pitch in and help.  I had office people and the football team dig my koi pond, lol.  I was still sore from the efforts, but the hole got a whole lot bigger and deeper than I could have done by myself in an entire weekend. 

The new project is going to be a bottle tree.  Some people make them from concrete reinforcement rod, others from a wood post and dowels drilled into it.  I have access to a welder, I own a table saw, and other necessary tools.  So which will it be?  I have a bevy of photos downloaded, they all look good, and I can’t make up my mind. I suppose I’ll figure it out when I go out and buy the materials.

Anyway, 70 degree weather this early in March is wonderful.  The wind is normal, and if you don’t own a pond, it isn’t so bad.  The bad part about a warm, windy day is, evaporation.  Normally by this time of year, the pond is frozen over still and full.  This year, however, I have had to add about 4-6 inches of water to the pond about every two weeks and today wasn’t any different.  The cold water makes it a lot tougher to get the chlorine out, so I made up a chlorine filter out of a drinking water filter with hose adapters added to the inlet side and then run a short piece of hose into the pond.  It work very well to remove about 95% of the chlorine from the water, reducing the stress on the poor, starving koi that I can’t feed until the water is a lot warmer.  I’ve cheated and thrown in some algae tablets on the bottom and threw in a piece of lettuce so they can, at least eat the daphnia that grow from it.


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